xJoe 'Open vault' - 625 AVAX gas fee


I’ve deposited my xJoe into growth defi using the medium guide here (How to maximize yield on your xJOE using MOR | by Growth DeFi | Nov, 2021 | Medium).

I have setup the proxy and when i clicked open vault metamask was saying that it needed to do a 625 avax gas fee transaction.

Thinking this was a mistake I refreshed the page and metamask was still the same except this time no xJoe was shown in my account (is that due to setting up the proxy?)

If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated!

Update, not sure if it was a UI bug or an issue with metamask, I went to the dashboard (MOR) and found my transaction and collateral as expected.

There has been some weird stuff going on with Metamask estimations