Stuck on Repay tx


I’m trying to repay my debts on xJoe vault so I can withdraw my xJoe but my transaction is pending for a long time and it won’t execute.

Could someone help me?

Thanks in advance.

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I am having the same problem. Been trying fro more than two hours now. I have reset my metamax wallet half a dozen times and recreated the transaction with higher and higher gas fess ( currently .03788 AVAX) and is just will not go through. Staring liquidation in the face!

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And what do you know. As soon as I post this, the transaction goes through.

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Do you think setting the fee super high has helped? I am trying as high as .1 avax. still nothing yet.

Are you using a metamask wallet? If not then my experience is probably not useful.
If yes, then first you must clear the pending transaction(s). Clicking the cancel button will not work, you have to reset Metamax.

To do this, click on the symbol at the top left of your wallet next to where it says Avalanche Network.
Then choose Settings → Advanced → then scroll down until you see the Reset Account button. Click on that to clear all the pending transactions. Now you can try again. I was successful with )0.02442 AVAX

My bad - symbol on the top RIGHT, top left doesn’t do anything.