Repay Gas Fee for MOR in xJOE Vault

I am trying to understand why the gas fee to repay my debts on xJoe vault are over 1 AVAX:

I am not seeing fees this high currently on any site, though maybe it is because I haven’t held the MOR long? Can someone help me? Thank you in advance


High gas fees are typically an indication that the transaction will fail. The first port of call is to hard refresh, clear cache and closing all tabs then opening again.

If that doesn’t work:

  1. You may be trying to repay a greater quantity of MOR than you currently have in your wallet.

  2. Quantity entered will leave 0 to <100 MOR remaining to repay. This would leave a quantity below the dust limit of 100 MOR. You must have either 0 or >100 MOR remaining to repay.

  3. Quantity entered has too many decimal places. Trying removing some and/or adjusting the quantity up or down slightly.

  4. Some have had luck conducting several smaller transactions instead.

Let us know how you go!

I am having the same problem. I have MOR in my wallet to repay but I am getting gas fee of 625 AVAX. I tried a smaller amount and was able to get it to go through. However, now it will no longer work. I am stuck with MOR in my wallet and unable to repay. This is an unacceptable development. Please correct this process.

Make sure you have enough MOR to repay. I always buy 1 MOR more than I need as your debt is always increasing so it’s best to have a tiny surplus.

So hit the MAX button (if that’s what you are trying to do) then ensure you have 1 MOR more than what is says the number is.

Also ensure you are not trying to pay off MOR that leaves you with less than 100 MOR in your debt.

So if I am trying to repay all of my 174 MOR, that is the wrong move?