New MOR pairs for BSC (potentially avalanche)

Similar to what is being done on the forthcoming avalanche launch, I think we should start to see additional pairs for MOR. Preferably a BNB pair imo. Would help stabilize the peg on BNB side, and add additional value to the MOR token and hopefully get us closer to peg.

For the upcoming avalanche launch Id love to see utilization of curves factory pool as well. I think every stablecoin should have a stablecoin pair/pool. and what better way than to utilize curves factory.

In regards to the first point I agree that a BNB collateral vault would be great, but we need a good place to earn yield on it, safely (this is currently the struggle on BSC which doesn’t exist on other chains such AVAX on Avalanche).

We should probably an entire separate thread to discuss the available options to earn yields on single assets within BSC and which ones would be the most viable options.

For the second point I actually think the long term approach to stability of MOR is to have a lot of MOR/BNB incentivized liquidity and a lot of BUSD in the PSM. You don’t really need a curve type pool if you have a really healthy PSM, and in order to accomplish that we should tweak around MOR’s available parameters until we reach the growth state for the BUSD balance of the PSM which is desired.


I think longterm a low slippage, low swap fee pair/pool, would benefit any stablecoin. Right now youre basically taking 0.3% off your bag, even at peg. I think this limits the room of utility for a stablecoin. So when peg has established itself. I think a stablepair/pool would greatly strengthen that peg as well as provide extra utility, since you wouldnt be giving up 0.3%.

Long term the fee for swapping MOR to other stablecoins will be 0%, routed through the PSM.

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