My Vault is Empty

I put my xJOE into my vault, minted MOR, and now my vault shows zero collateral. the contract address for my xJOE says zero. my MOR debt says zero but I have the MOR in my metamask and cannot move forward with repay to remove the xJOE from the vault. What happened to my vault?

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How is my vault empty? Was I scammed? You can clearly see transactions of depositing xJOE, and now it says there is zero.

Someone please assist?!

im feeling pretty burned here. I cant even redeposit the MOR and get out. Im stuck with MOR and cannot do much with it other than stake it on wheat. Out a few hundred bucks on this scam.

Most likely you’ve been liquidated from minting too much MOR. You can reclaim some of your xJOE by scrolling down under “my vaults” to the ‘reclaim’ button.

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Same story. No such thing as a relcaim button. Seems to be a total burn.

I have the same issue was not overly collateralized etc just approved to repay my MOR and reclaim xJoe. Now my wallet shows the MOR I had but no xJOE and the vault is showing as empty so seems like the reclaim from MOR > xJOE has failed has anyone found a solution??

Are you still having the same issue?

yes, my entire stake is still gone

If you go to your dashboard and scroll down there is a blue button called “Reclaim” to recover any collateral left after a liquidation.