Mor Payouts to VeGRO FTM holders

Its been fantastic seeing the success of recent GRO Ecosystem products.

I would like to see regular reporting regarding exactly how much the GRO protocol is earning from MOR Swaps, Vault Performance Fees, and the Beets Bribes systems.

I’d like to put my staked VeGro voting power towards a vote to give 30% of revenues from GRO/FTM/MOR related financial products as a weekly airdrop to FTM VeGrow Stakers.

Revenues are the primary reason i invest into DEFI. I’m currently holding a substantial amount of Vegrow and would be happy to be holding a lot more, if i were receiving better weekly revenues. Current revenues are lacking compared to my other top favorite regenerative DEFI platforms.

I would also really like to see GRO using snapshot to actively vote on matters such as these…

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