Future Projects ensuring innovation & security with Growth DeFi

I’m copy pasting here from a community member in Telegram, there’s obviously a fair way to go before any of this is ready to put in place but I love seeing ideas & suggestions come from our community. It shows awesome engagement in what we’re doing, is great for discussion & I feel it deserves it’s own thread for people to talk about it. Here’s the message below:

"I’m fairly new here, (maybe a week in) and I’m mostly a lurker in the channel, but I’ve have totally fallen in love with the ecosystem and the genius ideas behind it, (in particular the EBCs which are total game changers, and especially when combined with bonds!).

Anyway, I have two suggestions that I think could benefit the system massively long-term.


DeFi Insurance

I saw recently that Don-Key have partnered up with an insurance company and are going to offer fully insured DeFi copy solutions. I’ve seen a couple of these insurance companies, and their offerings and the rates look super impressive to me, (only around 4%-5% or so max) and they seems to cover most types of events other than the users own wallet getting hacked.

I think DeFi insurance could be a game changer for GrowthDefi.

Personally I’ve been in crypto since 2010/2011 (paper hands mostly unfortunately! :sweat_smile:) and despite the amazing returns available I’ve only recently ventured into DeFi, mostly because I just haven’t felt that the risks are worth it. I don’t think I’m unique.

I believe there are a lot of mini-whales to whales sitting on the sidelines of DeFi that may very well be willing to step in with large amounts of capital if they were able to insure it properly.

I’m sure this is nothing new to @SafeRatios and other OGs here, but I think this is something that should be pursued as a matter of urgency. At the moment GrowthDefi is by far the best solution out there, and the self-repaying loans are crazily attractive for the general public when they learn about it. If you combine that with being “fully insured against any protocol or smart contract hacks” and bonds and the ECBs I think GrowthDefi is going to be able to compete with MAKER in time.

I know ideas are cheap and implementation is a lot harder, but speed is everything in crypto, if we leave insurance for 6-8 months the amazing eco system you’ve created may already have been surpassed by something even better.



Slow down buybacks and burns and put aside a small percentage (5% maybe?) from the income generated from the ECBs towards a locked SAFU Fund that is only there to compensate holders of MOR, WHEAT and GRO in case of some unexpected event, like a hack not covered by the insurance for example. Make the address public and the funds kept in a multi-sig wallet controlled by the DAO or something.

I guess both of my proposals are similar, and maybe it’s because I’m more careful than most, but although I’m happily staking 6 figures in GrowthDefi at the moment, I believe there are many others like me, who are leaving large amounts on the table, (both for ourselves and for the GrowthDefi eco system a whole), because DeFi is still risky.

Anything and everything the team can do to overcome those fears and concerns could make all of you very wealthy from owning GRO and WHEAT in the coming 12-18 months I believe."

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Hi, to me personally I think this is a fantastic idea, even tho it may reduce the APY within the system I don’t believe it should reduce it by a significant amount to be worried about.

I am in Don-key myself and I have seen what the insurance has done to that Protocol. It has not only pumped the price but more importantly it has given them fantastic exposure to a lot of big whale money and more importantly a lot of smaller investors who have been a little dubious about entering crypto defi.
We have to remember that the general public have been Brain washed for hundred of years, it’s inbred in most people that they can only earn Around 3-5% per-annum (that’s being generous) in the bank because that’s what they want us all to believe if we can help change that mins set by introducing insurance (similar to bank insurance on your money) then the flood gates will open for Growth Defi, of that I have no doubts.

We all know the Bear market is around the corner but a lot of investors don’t want to get out of crypto unless they have to, but most will. If we can give them the cherry on the cake with insurance then I believe we not only have a Bear killer, we have a major market mover and the great thing is we are all in Early.

Just my 2 Pennie’s worth



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Thanks for pasting this @JGee, the telegram is so busy it is hard to keep up with the nuggets of pure gold.

Very interesting ideas. Would something like this require KYC? I’d like to see this happen with an opt-in available.

Agree this is a great idea. I would support a vote on this.