Feature Suggestion: Keep veGRO TImer Locked Until Decay Manually Started

Similar to how Dfinity approaches neuron creation and staking, the unlock timer for staked govGRO could remain fixed at whatever lock time was originally selected until the decision was made by the individual to start the unlock timer and corresponding veGRO decay. In this way, there would be no need to continue relocking govGRO to receive the max veGRO allocation for whatever time period was selected.

It is a pretty straight forward concept, but to further illustrate… If I lock my govGRO for 4 years, unless I choose to immediately start the unlock timer, my govGRO would continue to obtain the maximum veGRO allocation possible AND my unlock timer would remain at 4 years. if in 3 years I decide to start the unlock timer, it would then start counting down from the original 4 year time period I locked it for 3 years prior.