Cannot deposit additional xJoe collateral b/c 625 gas fee


metamask indicate 625 avax gas fee to deposit additional collateral in my xJoe vault.

Vault was already set up, this is just as i am trying to add additional collateral.

I saw on previous discussion this seemed related to metamask. However contrary to the op i didnot find a way around this and this is preventing me from adding collateral.

Is there no fix to this while keeping using metamask ?
If there is not, would you suggest a wallet which would work please ?


Had the same issue, you just need to mint less mor to increase the ratio.

If you mean repay MOR debt, that would not really help my case as this is what i am trying to avoid. I would prefer to add additional collateral instead of repaying debt.

You’re right, sorry I totally misread it. Have you tried adding less collateral? Like round numbers?

Based on my interaction, I found that the Gas is incredibly high when it doesn’t work with the contract (e.g. when the collateral ratio was not correct).