Bug? - j.AVAX No MOR Minting

I was able to mint just fine for j.LINK. However, the j.AVAX vault is the only one causing issues with a high fee of 625 AVAX. Not sure if it’s an issue with the contract for this particular vault.

The j.AVAX was able to deposit in the vault fine, but minting was not possible. The deposit was the typically 0.002-0.003AVAX cost, but then minting MOR shoots up the fee 625AVAX on Metamask.

Manually changing the fee causes it the TX to fail even though it’s matching the price on AVAX’s gas scan. The error flashes issue with Proxy.

I manage to try the minting for j.LINK and it doesn’t run into this issue. Are there any devs on this forum?

I had the same issue, I fixed it by minting less mor. I think the collateral ratio was too close to the limit