Belt offerings as collateral

I think its time we discuss Belts various offerings as collateral. Belt has one of the highest TVL platforms on BSC, often with decent yields across the board. I think offering BeltBTC, BeltETH, Belt4 and BeltBNB could attract some meaningful TVL to the MOR platform.

EBCs (Exponential Buyback Collectors) are the long term plan for WHEAT.

From what I read I believe you mean that belt tokens such as beltBTC, beltETH, 4BELT and beltBNB should be added as collaterals to mint MOR.

The problem with this vaults is the same as with Alpaca, they use proxy contracts which can be replaced and don’t have the type of security assurances that a collateral would need.

The Belt team can pause deposits and withdrawals for example which would prevent from any liquidation from happening during this period (this is why we use all yield sources directly from the protocol rather than routing through yield aggregators to get extra yield, routing through AutoFarm would be a good example).

As such even if it was implemented it would have to be done with very tight risk parameters, more specifically with a low debt ceiling (not allowing much MOR to be minted using this collaterals), which defeats the purpose of adding them to begin with.

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